Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Sorry I haven't written in so long, but we have been quite busy here. I am leaving tomorrow for Arkansas where my dad is speaking in a pastors conference. The rest of the family (besides Nick) are staying home. We will be there till late Saturday and have not decided yet if we will try to make the drive home (8 hours) that night. We have already been to this church about a month ago when we went for their missions conference.

We had a fun time last Thursday when we went over to our grandma's for the NFL Draft. We stayed in her basement where she has a sweet set up with some beds and couches. It also has two TVs there, which we hooked our Xbox 360 and PS2 too. We watched the draft on her big screen TV and I was jumping off the walls when the Chiefs (my favorite team) pick Tennessee Safety Eric Berry who in my opinion is the best player in the draft. We had Papa John's for dinner and she had Ice Cream and other treats for us boys (Nick, Alex and myself) to snack on. After the first round of the draft we stayed up till 1:30 playing Indiana Jones on our Xbox 360 (We also threw in a little NCAA 09 and Madden 10).

The next day we had delicious waffles (made by our grandma) and got ready to go out with her. We went bowling and after having not so good of a game I finished with a 98 score. We also had King Louie's (that's the name of the bowling alley) chili cheese fries which in my opinion is the best out there. After that we headed to Target to gorge on their Jelly Belly selection. We all picked out the different kinds we wanted (My favorites are Sour Green Apple, Cappuccino, Sizzling Cinnamon and Dr. Pepper). As we snacked on our Jelly Belly's we dropped my GameStop to see if they had any good deals on their games (They have some pretty good prices). On the way home we got Taco Bell and I got their Chicken Quesadilla with a Pepsi (Coca-Cola can't even try to beat the taste of Pepsi).

We watched the second round of the draft before heading home and to my satisfaction the Chiefs picked up two more talented players in Mississippi, WR/HB Dexter McCluster and Alabama CB Javier Arenas.

Well, I better get to packing so talk to you guys again soon.


  1. Hey Jon!
    Hope you, your Dad and Nick had a good trip to Arkansas today! We miss you so much already! Hope you have a great time together at the conference!

  2. Jon,

    I was just wondering, what church did you attend in Arkansas? I'm from AR and my family is currently searching for a new church with members that are truly seeking godliness - and so far we haven't been able to find one. If you have any information at all we would really appreciate it!

    In Christ Jesus,

  3. The one we went to was Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas.