Saturday, September 11, 2010

This Day 9 Years Ago

Today is the ninth anniversary of the Muslim terrorist attack on the United States. It was the most tragic event in American history. The closest thing in comparison is Pearl Harbor, but this was not on an island miles away but it was in New York City. When I was younger I always had that thought that "America can never be attacked" but on September, 11, 2001, the Muslin terrorists killed thousands in their suicide attack on the Pentagon, Twin towers and if not for the brave men on United Flight 93, the White House as well.

We also need to remember today the many firefighters who gave their lives trying to save others. I was reading an account of many of the stories about different people who saved tons of people and died trying to save more.

Many people are saying these day, "just get over it, it was 9 years ago". But just like Pearl Harbor and other tragedies we have to never forget the heroes who gave their lives and the lessons we learned.

I think today of all days is a good time to think about what you felt like on that day and then how the Muslims are building a victory mosque on the site. We cannot allow the Muslims to get the victory here. And if we allow our politicians to allow this, it will waste the lives of those who not only died on that day, but those who have lost their lives in the recent wars as well.

Here is a Video I made in Tribute to 9/11