Thursday, August 27, 2009


Sorry I haven't written in so long. We have had a busy month--started school, done meetings and hosted a party for the church we attend.

I do have pic's from the party we did and I will try to post them ASAP.

Our household schedule has started and we now get up at 5:00am to start I'd better get to bed. ;-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009



Well things have been pretty dead around here as we prepare to get everything for this year's school scedule ordered and ready to start.

I have calculated that I will be graduating in the class of 2011. I have thee option to finish next year in the class of 2010 but I decided to go ahead and (since I am only 15) do as much extra stuff as possible. With the exception of math and history, I'm almost finished with high school anyway, and I can finish the math and history stuff by 2011 as I said. So that means I am now in my Junior year of High School (which as you know is 11th grade:-)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tea Party Protests

Here is a Great Movie I found. It's a commercial for the Tea Party Protests. We have actually attended 4 of these protests.

Here are some pic's of them.

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Lesson from my Devotions


Well today I wanted to share with you a lesson in my devotions I learned. The guy that wrote the devotional told a story about one time after he finished working on a house he decided to take all the scrap wood over to his brother's house because his brother heated his house with a wood stove.

Well after he grabbed the wood he decided to just lay down for ten minutes before he went and when he woke up it was 2 hours later. He said he kept telling himself what a sloth he was and how he never thought he would be a good sevent for God and have a diligent attitude. Well he said he kept saying those kind of things to himself all the way to his brother's house. And then as he got there he knocked on the door and he brother answered the door.

As he entered he saw his brother's wood stove door open and a ton of papers smoldering. "You came just in time" his brother started. "I couldn't get this fire to start". They put the sraps of wood and instantly the fire lit. Then he said "Consider If I had came 2 hours before, it would not have seemed as if God had provided the wood for my brother's fire just as he needed it". So the lesson goes on to say that while we should care when we over sleep or etc., he said he should have asked God to help him to be more diligent and ask for his forgiveness and then forget about it. If we dwell on the wrong things we do the whole time we will be very discouraged and if we are discouraged it is hard to try and make ourselves better servants of God.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Hello Everyone!

My name is Jonathan Alexander Rovirosa and I am 15 years old. First of all I'd like to say that I am a Christian and second an American. I am the third born of ten in our family and number eleven is on the way. My family are in the ministry and I am perparing to be a father as well as finishing high school up:-). My favorite Subject is Math and I love playing and watching sports.

Well I hope you enjoy my blog!