Monday, October 19, 2009

Church Cookout

Saturday one of our local supporting churches had a church cookout that we attended, so here is the pictures from it.

Everyone around the campfire

Us three older boys standing around (our names from left to right: Myself (Jon), Alex and Nick).

All of us one the hay ride.

Us three boys again listening to my dad preach (I am in the black jacket).

At the end of the last hay ride everyone agreed to bury the pastor.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Meetings Coming Up

Well we've been a little busy these past few weeks and it is going to get going even faster these coming weeks. We went to the Apple Orchard in Louisburg, KS and we had a great time. They have the greatest apple cider donuts there and I got some really good Coffee Toffee. They also had old style Root beer there and it was REALLY good. Our grandma came with us and as I said we had a great time. The Orchard is only 20 Minutes from our house and Louisburg cider is sold all over the country. When you go you can also watch them make the cider (we used to go when I was little and back then they used all the old tools to make it but now most of it is done by machine).

We will be headed for Nebraska this week and get home Wednesday night at around 12:00 at night and then my dad has to fly to California for a meeting at 6:00 AM. Then we go to Fort Scott, Kansas for a Missions conference and then the next week we leave for Pennsylvania for a week and then we are done for the year (except for a couple of local meetings).

Also they moved the Baby's due date to December 18th (my mom's B-Day). Also Nick's birthday was two weeks ago (can't believe it's been that long) and he turned 18 and then Addy's B-Day is coming up on October 26. So everything is running I guess kinda normal for this time of year although the Christmas spirit is starting to come over me:-)